Veekend Vacationings

My weekend:

I went on a date!
It was fun :) We had dinner and talked for a long time. I love it when 
guys talk about things other than sports. 
It makes me feel like I could be friendly to them.


Tomorrow we have dance (even though everywhere else is a national holiday).
and instead of the usual 2-hour class,
we'll be there from 12-4.
Four hours of dance on a public holiday. 

Sometimes I don't know what I've gotten myself into.


I know, I didn't do Saturday Selections officially yesterday. But I did post pictures, all somewhat dance related so I think It could count. 

please say it does. 


I picked my dress for junior prom. This is what it looks like;

it's simple. 
it's classy. 
it's modest. 
it's sexy. 
it's me. 


hope your weekend went, and continues to go, well and wonderfully.

Vicky P

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