I bought a new leotard - the style above except in black and blue. From here. I got a gift card for Christmas, so I decided to spend it. Browsing the leotards online made me feel like I should pawn my jewelry and buy the entire collection. Too bad I have sentimental value in my rings and things.

On the same note - my financial situation is tricky. I pay for a little over half of the cost of lessons, and my parents pay the rest. It's all they can do, and as much as I wish that there were some more funds for my dance endeavors, with a family of 8, I don't take first priority.

So I have to support whatever I need. And that becomes hard when I don't even have a real job. I had an internship that paid me a small wage in return for a huge time commitment. Trying to juggle dance and the internship was too much for me - so my parents want me to drop one of them. Of course, I chose to continue dance.
     Except, how will I pay for it?

My dad said he could find me something I could to help him with work that would supply the same amount of money my internship gave me. I hope it will be enough to cover extra costs like new pointe shoes ($60-75) or costume fees ($50).

All I can do is hope and dance my heart out.

It might be enough.


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