I know I have been kind of absent this week. Let me just say I have had a heck of a lot to think about - relating to school and boys and drama and the fact that
junior prom is in two weeks. 

I was stressed. 

But I went to dance Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 
as usual. 

Here are some things that happened:
 On Tuesday, we were doing wheelbarrows (you know, where someone holds your leg and you use your hands to propel yourself forward ) they are actually surprisingly hard and my abs were sore afterwards. But anyway, I fell on my hip and that is what happened. 

It looks alot worse in real life. 
I also scraped my elbow up pretty bad that day. 

haha. i thought it was only toes that got hurt in dance

(though mine did also)
On Wednesday, the day I didnt go to dance, I spent an hour at the library reading 'Dance Magazine'. 
I really liked the quote above,
especially since I'm learning under the russian technique

 Walking around the grocery store after dance. 
You get alot of stares when you wear flesh colored tights. 
This is sort of unrelated, but I was so hungry and it depressed me that I couldnt even buy these. I never have money! All I could do was take a picture and set it as my wallpaper

(you think I'm kidding but i'm not)

Happy weekend, guys!
I'll probably post tommorow to tell you how mine went :)


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