The Prom

Hi guys.
I know, I've been a slacker. 
And I apologize
(sound familiar?)

But last night was  prom.
Yeah, It happened.
And it was the best night EVER.

there was no kissing, no DSL, no major cuddling.
we were like best friends.
We were literally laughing so  hard we couldnt breathe.

And thats pretty amazing considering we hadn't really talked before that night.
We all just "clicked"

highlights of the evening:
a)At dinner we asked the waitress if we could have some crayons and we got to draw all over the paper on the table. There were some pretty amazing drawings.

b)The moment when my date started singing "I dont wanna wait" by Paula Cole. I couldve kissed him then and there.

c)the fact that we decided to ditch the dance and go hang out in the basement

d)Everyone struggling to put on the bouttoneirs and the parents having to put them on (even they had issues with it though)

e)watching a really scary movie and screaming

f)all of the crazy  wierd and wild inside jokes we have now.

In short, I loved it.

This was my dress (I didnt end up getting the other one)


*I'll put up some more pictures soon, I promise :)

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