8 little things

8 things that made me happy today

1. My hair looked nice.
2. A couple of girls at dance saw I was upset and were really sweet about it
3. I saw some friends at school that  I hadn't seen since the Christmas break :)
4. A man that I am completely in love with sent me an email (even if it was a completely unrelated to matters of the heart)
5.  I am approximately one inch away from being able to do both side splits
6. I am finally sort of over this one guy who I was in love with for 2 years. not even kidding. 2 years.
7. The sun was shining today and it was warm and beautiful
8. I woke up earlier than usual and had a bit of time to get ready for school without rushing around like a crazy woman.

I just thought that with the negativity of the last post, I needed something happy to brighten up this blog. I can't stand painful stuff like that for too long.


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