Coming back....

What happened because I stopped going to dance this month:
a) I feel really fat.
b) Ive turned in more homework
c) focused more time on other interests like writing and Internet surfing (haha)
d) I became depressed and I couldn't figure out why until I noticed that it coincided with my dance hiatus
e) I was more irritable and moody

But on Friday I went back. I was almost literally shaking with nervous anticipation of what might happen. A month without dance is a long time, and I didn't want to see where I had backtracked technique-wise.
To my surprise it wasn't that difficult. Not to mention the warm welcome backs I received- I was sore and tired and achy when i got back home, but I was on cloud nine. I was really on a sort of drug-free high. Nothing could go wrong.

It's good to be back.