Saturday Selections!

Now, I really don't want to be like one of those abandoned (or even worse, still running) tumblr accounts that just post 'awesome' pictures of ballerinas and quote meaningful dance sayings.

But there are some pretty neat stuff out there!

So, to strike a balance, I decided to keep it to a weekly basis. Once a week I will post all the dadgam pictures I want. sound good?

great :)

Saturday Selections


oh, and Happy New Years. Let's make 2012 wonderful, why don't we?

politics in dance part 2

continued from part 1......
Eventually I made friends.
 with the cool group. 

Something I found to be interesting was that the popular girls were all the best dancers in class. They learnt the new variations the quickest and were sort of the 'star pupils' of the studio.
So the fact that I was in their group seemed ironic. I mean, not only was I new there, but I was also a pretty newbie dancer. Meaning, I have a lot to learn. 

The guy, Peter, vanished one day. I haven't seen him since. Later, someone told me that the teacher had essentially kicked him out because he chose his job over dancing. 
Also, the brunette hugger moved on to the competing studio. 

The politics in my studio is fascinating. At the beginning, when I was detached from ties of friendship, I could coolly observe what was going on. Now it's not so clear. 

the cool group:
There is Blaire, the prodigy - a 13 year old girl. She is amazing to watch, graceful and strong and amazing. Surprisingly, she doesn't have the ego that usually follows. 
A blond 15 year old. she embodies the cliquishness of the group. She's Alison - I talked about her in my Wednesday post.
Shawna is short, loud and crazy. At first I was convinced that she hated me, but then was really friendly. I can't really figure it out.
Emily is one of the nicest people of the group. she gets along with everybody.

And then there's everyone else:
Catherine - 20 years old, goes to University. A little bit weird, really nice, but sort of has the habit of getting in your face when she talks to you.

Jessica - sort of wavers in and out of the cool group, 13. A pretty strong dancer, she is also really nice, but sucks up to the populars.

Amanda - really really shy and quiet. a graceful dancer, but she is timid like a mouse.

Nicole - the tallest person there. kind of different. She doesn't try to be popular or outgoing. I think I might be the only person that she really talks to there.

Maddie - 12. her turns are amazing. she is cute and funny.

(there are other people but those are the girls that come frequently.)

sometimes i feel like i'm in a high school chick flick.



politics in dance part 1

I remember the first day I went to my current studio.

It was a Tuesday. I had ridden my bike, it was a beautiful summer day. When I walked into the dressing room, there were two girls sitting inside talking. I smiled, trying to be friendly, as I made my way to the bathroom to get changed. 
I slid into my blue leotard and tried to calm myself. I had never been good at new situations like this, despite the fact that my life consisted of them. Bracing myself, I opened the door and stepped back to the main area of the dressing room. 

"Hi" I kept the ever-present friendly smile plastered on my face.

"What's your name?" one of the girls asked me

"I'm Vicky. I just started here"

They introduced themselves. The undeniable awkwardness ensued. Finally, the other girls slowly all trickled in. No one else asked my name, but I did get some odd stares.

An eternity later, the teacher announced it was class time. I took my place at the barre, awaiting instruction. Immediately, I noticed a couple of things. 

a)there was definitely a 'cool' group. the two girls who had asked my name were there along with a blond girl. A pretty brunette walked in, and gave the 'cool' group people each a hug. Although it might have appeared that she was friends with them, there was an undeniable attitude of contempt, as if they were brushing her aside. 

b)there was a God in the room. Literally a God.
I learnt later his name was Peter. 
Blond, tan, 6-pack and definitely not gay. 

I immediately decided I didn't like him.

c)I hope you don't have any hopes regarding a possible love interest for me. If you do, tear them down like the twin towers.
(was it bad to say that?)
When I decide I don't like someone, It lasts forever. Or until they like me (whichever comes first). 

So, really, don't get any crazy romantic thoughts into your head. 

this story isn't that perfect.

to be continued......
Vicky P.


I had dance today. We learnt a new variation (from Swan Lake) and did 'stamina'. 

I guess I should explain what Stamina is.

Basically, we do exercises across the room, on both side. We usually begin with a ballet run to warm up and then progress to tour j'etes, pirouettes etc. 

It is living hell. 

Not only are you working without a break, (except for a couple of seconds while you wait your turn at each side. if it's a large class that day), but you repeat the steps over and over and over again. 

Luckily for my survival, we only did 30 minutes of stamina today. Usually you can count on at least an hour. Boy was I glad that we got a break while he worked on the little kids for a while. 


At barre, we worked quickly and intensely. By tendus I was sweaty and hot. At adagio, we lifted our legs by the ankle with our hands. front, side, back (panche). reverse. 
I'm not quite at a perfect 180 degrees, probably something more like 146.  I have added this exercise to my list of stretches to practice at home. It's the only way I can show the teacher I'm improving.
It's the only way I can show myself I'm improving. 

Vicky P.


My dancing background

I started ballet at age 13. Twice a week, I would go to a small hall and take classes from an old woman from South Africa who taught me the names of all the steps and complimented me on my hot pink spectacle frames. 
When my family moved to a small town, I knew even entertaining the thought of ballet classes was ludicrous. I tried to do did the NYCB workout. 
that was fun.

6 months later we were on the move again. This time to the urban neighborhood of the western United States. I took classes for 2 years at  a studio that boasted of 6 students who had earned a place in their high schools' dance company. 
Not knowing any better, I stayed. 

Then, due to scheduling conflicts, (I wish I could say 'artistic differences') I was forced to look for somewhere else. A couple of trial lessons and many tears later, I found my place. 
It was very different. 

First, it was led and taught by a man.
Second, our classes were two hours long and we were not allowed to leave the studio AT ALL during that time. 
Third, everyone had class at the same time. There were no level sub-divisions, no seperate studios, no other teachers. nada. everyone at the same time. 
Fourth, the method was Vaganova.

And that is where I am now! I've been there since September.
I stopped crying after every class probably about a month ago, so I  must be getting bitter  better!

It really isn't that bad, it just takes some getting used to. 

Vicky P.

Hey guys
Guess what song I love right now?

Ballerina - made famous by Nat King Cole

Dance, ballerina, danceAnd do your pirouette in rhythm with your achin' heartDance, ballerina, danceYou mustn't once forget a dancer has to dance the part
Whirl, ballerina, whirlAnd just ignore the chair that's empty in the second rowThis is your moment, girlAlthough he's not out there applauding as you steal the show
Once you said his love must wait it's turnYou wanted fame insteadI guess that's your concernWe live and learn
And love is gone, ballerina, goneSo on with your career, you can't afford a backward glanceDance on and on and onA thousand people here have come to see the showAs 'round and 'round you goSo ballerina, dance
what a little tear jerker, huh? 
 (sorry for making the lyrics purple, I know it's slightly offensive, but it was the only way to keep it distinguishable!) Tommorow I have dance class again. I would tell you about today's class, but in reality it was fairly uneventful and not too interesting. I did give out late christmas presents to the girls there, and they were pretty much thrilled (I was the only one to, it appears, even think about it). 
So tommorow awaits. with promises of itchy tights and sore metatarsals. 
loving life, xoxoxVicky

An introduction

My name is Vicky Page. 
(at least on this blog)

I'm 17. 

And I have a consuming desire to become a professional ballerina. 

I know, who doesn't? But what makes me different is that I am going to do my darndest to make it happen. I have decided to silence the voices of reason and logic that tell me I have no chance, because isn't failing all about not trying? I don't know. But I do know that nothing but a broken leg can stop me from dancing. And I don't have a broken leg, so here we go world!