politics in dance part 2

continued from part 1......
Eventually I made friends.
 with the cool group. 

Something I found to be interesting was that the popular girls were all the best dancers in class. They learnt the new variations the quickest and were sort of the 'star pupils' of the studio.
So the fact that I was in their group seemed ironic. I mean, not only was I new there, but I was also a pretty newbie dancer. Meaning, I have a lot to learn. 

The guy, Peter, vanished one day. I haven't seen him since. Later, someone told me that the teacher had essentially kicked him out because he chose his job over dancing. 
Also, the brunette hugger moved on to the competing studio. 

The politics in my studio is fascinating. At the beginning, when I was detached from ties of friendship, I could coolly observe what was going on. Now it's not so clear. 

the cool group:
There is Blaire, the prodigy - a 13 year old girl. She is amazing to watch, graceful and strong and amazing. Surprisingly, she doesn't have the ego that usually follows. 
A blond 15 year old. she embodies the cliquishness of the group. She's Alison - I talked about her in my Wednesday post.
Shawna is short, loud and crazy. At first I was convinced that she hated me, but then was really friendly. I can't really figure it out.
Emily is one of the nicest people of the group. she gets along with everybody.

And then there's everyone else:
Catherine - 20 years old, goes to University. A little bit weird, really nice, but sort of has the habit of getting in your face when she talks to you.

Jessica - sort of wavers in and out of the cool group, 13. A pretty strong dancer, she is also really nice, but sucks up to the populars.

Amanda - really really shy and quiet. a graceful dancer, but she is timid like a mouse.

Nicole - the tallest person there. kind of different. She doesn't try to be popular or outgoing. I think I might be the only person that she really talks to there.

Maddie - 12. her turns are amazing. she is cute and funny.

(there are other people but those are the girls that come frequently.)

sometimes i feel like i'm in a high school chick flick.


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