I had dance today. We learnt a new variation (from Swan Lake) and did 'stamina'. 

I guess I should explain what Stamina is.

Basically, we do exercises across the room, on both side. We usually begin with a ballet run to warm up and then progress to tour j'etes, pirouettes etc. 

It is living hell. 

Not only are you working without a break, (except for a couple of seconds while you wait your turn at each side. if it's a large class that day), but you repeat the steps over and over and over again. 

Luckily for my survival, we only did 30 minutes of stamina today. Usually you can count on at least an hour. Boy was I glad that we got a break while he worked on the little kids for a while. 


At barre, we worked quickly and intensely. By tendus I was sweaty and hot. At adagio, we lifted our legs by the ankle with our hands. front, side, back (panche). reverse. 
I'm not quite at a perfect 180 degrees, probably something more like 146.  I have added this exercise to my list of stretches to practice at home. It's the only way I can show the teacher I'm improving.
It's the only way I can show myself I'm improving. 

Vicky P.

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