politics in dance part 1

I remember the first day I went to my current studio.

It was a Tuesday. I had ridden my bike, it was a beautiful summer day. When I walked into the dressing room, there were two girls sitting inside talking. I smiled, trying to be friendly, as I made my way to the bathroom to get changed. 
I slid into my blue leotard and tried to calm myself. I had never been good at new situations like this, despite the fact that my life consisted of them. Bracing myself, I opened the door and stepped back to the main area of the dressing room. 

"Hi" I kept the ever-present friendly smile plastered on my face.

"What's your name?" one of the girls asked me

"I'm Vicky. I just started here"

They introduced themselves. The undeniable awkwardness ensued. Finally, the other girls slowly all trickled in. No one else asked my name, but I did get some odd stares.

An eternity later, the teacher announced it was class time. I took my place at the barre, awaiting instruction. Immediately, I noticed a couple of things. 

a)there was definitely a 'cool' group. the two girls who had asked my name were there along with a blond girl. A pretty brunette walked in, and gave the 'cool' group people each a hug. Although it might have appeared that she was friends with them, there was an undeniable attitude of contempt, as if they were brushing her aside. 

b)there was a God in the room. Literally a God.
I learnt later his name was Peter. 
Blond, tan, 6-pack and definitely not gay. 

I immediately decided I didn't like him.

c)I hope you don't have any hopes regarding a possible love interest for me. If you do, tear them down like the twin towers.
(was it bad to say that?)
When I decide I don't like someone, It lasts forever. Or until they like me (whichever comes first). 

So, really, don't get any crazy romantic thoughts into your head. 

this story isn't that perfect.

to be continued......
Vicky P.

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