What a great day. I almost think that whatever happens on a friday, it becomes bearable because it's friday. 

and fridays rock. 

Rockin' Friday TidBits
*When I did the variation at dance class today, the teacher said "that was a nine". 
(he was referring to points. out of ten.)

*My eye is all better. no more scary vampire!

*Alison isn't mad at me. 

*texting my friends all day because i CAN

*getting excited for junior prom at school

*not being late to anything at all today. 

*I got my new leotard in the mail today. and it fits!! I should put up a picture!

*Having a legitimate excuse to get new ballet slippers. I now have a hole the the size of a ping-pong ball

*the prospect of sleeping in tomorrow morning. ahhhhh....

*not having rehearsals all afternoon tomorrow like all the people participating in YAGP have. 

Vicky P.

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