So I had a bad day...

I had the uncanny ability today
to piss off everyone that I like. 

I don't usually vent about problems like this - but I really really feel like I need to get this day off my 
chest, and off my mind. 

Thing 1
It started with me having one awful looking red eye. 
bloodshot and terrifying, 
it was like an omen of bad news.

Thing 2
Then at dance, it was horrible. I was given 30 minutes to learn a new variation, taught to me by one of the girls there, called Alison. 
getting taught by my fellow 'students' is always an uncomfortable situation for me. Especially when it's one of my friends. I probably hate it because suddenly the fact that I'm worse than them becomes apparent. 

Anyway, I tried really really hard to learn the variation. 
I really did. 

When it was my turn to go, I missed my que because I had never heard the music to the variation before. When I said this (and my exact words were "It's just that I've never done it with the music") the teacher told Alison to do it with me. 

I tried to say that I could do it, but he wouldn't listen. 

So, Alison was pissed. 

I apologized several times. Heck! I told the teacher not to make her do it! But he kept saying that it was her fault because she hadn't taught me properly. 

Thing 3
Straight after dance I had to go to a stupid activity with a bunch of teenagers that I don't particularly want to be with. So, after being there for almost an hour, I told my friend (who has a car) that we should go drive around and quickly come back. 

I didn't tell anyone. 

stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

when we walked back inside, my sister was doubled over on the front steps. 
she had a terrible stomachache, and was going home.
The two ladies who had brought us there turned back at me with expressions of damnation. 

"you shouldn't do that" one of the usually soft-spoken ladies kept repeating.

Apparently they had been trying to contact me in any way they could - since I don't have a phone it was tricky. 

Again, I kept apologizing. 

I don't know how I'll be getting out of this one. 

Things 4, 5 and 6
To put the cherry on the top of my lovely day, everyone kept asking if I was sick because I looked it. 

After dance I didn't have time to get out of my leotard, so I just kept it on and put some leggings on top. I totally forgot about the panty line issue until well into the nights activities. 
by then it was too late. 

A guy that asked me out refuses to look at me for some reason. I don't even want to try and go there. I have just sort of given up on making people happy because I seem to have lost my magic touch. 

Vicky P.

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