Exciting News!!

Since I started at my current studio, I was only able to go 2x a week because I had an internship I was going to. I really wanted to go more - i know that to get any better I have to go more. The only problem was the finances - I could barely afford what I was doing presently, how could I afford double?

I wanted to figure out what I should be aiming to try and earn, so I asked the instructor how much it would cost.

"Oh, It will just be the same"

I about died there on the spot. Pure bliss and joy washed over me. I could go more often! And it would be the same price!! Maybe I could now afford to not only have classes but buy new pointe shoes (and some slippers, my current pair is breaking do-o-own.)

So I am just on cloud nine right now.

much much much love


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